Spriest or Mage for PVP?

Hey all!

So I'm going to be transferring either my Mage or Priest to a new server to play with some friends, and I'm trying to decide which to bring (because I can only afford one transfer).

Do you guys feels mages or spriests are currently in better shape, or perhaps offer more overal utility, variety, etc.? I haven't played to 90 yet, so I have no idea the current (or projected) state of PvP.

To sum up: What class do you feel I should focus on with PvP as a focus-- Mage or Priest?

Thanks for your insights!
Hmm, tough question. I think the majority of ppl would say mage and their reason would be because mages tend to always be in a good spot for pvp. That aside, I have both and here are my thought's (mage is still 85 however).

I always rolled fire mage, can't stand frost very boring imo, and had a blast throughout cata. Great mobility and cc etc. Spriest was a bit dodgy in cata, viable but restricted. Now we have quite a lot of utility back plus more. I can take out mages on my spriest and quite a few other classes but, same for mage. We're definitely very cunning and a free casting spriest can absolutely be devastating.

Ppl are calling us OP but, I'm not so sure about this. We really had it rough in cata, and now we have been given quite a few tool's to aid us in the face melting destruction of others. It's a different game and how u handle other classes HAS changed so a lot of qq I think is from ppl who could face roll us, now no longer can or in turn are having their faces rolled.

If picking either well, I'm biased and would say spriest. One thing I hated on my mage was not having the ability to off heal myself AND other's. Your warrior mate is about to go down? Well ur next, so pop him a shield and a few heals and keep him up!

As for variety, fire and frost are viable and I'm guessing arcane still sucks for pvp. Priest u have the option of 2 healing spec's and 1 dps although, I hear from other priest's that priest healing is pretty damn bad atm, in fact the worst out of all other healing classes (good job blizz, give us 2 and break em both). Personally I don't heal, never have, never will. So u would be looking at 1 dps spec vs 2 dps spec's.

Hope it helps!
Up to you. Both have great CCs. Mages have more burst, but preists have shield and healing. IMO priests have better sustained, not sure about that though.

Really depends on which u like better

they have great dps and tones of crowd control.....

hell the top 2v2 team is mage mage atm.........

11/21/2012 11:30 AMPosted by Handoffate
hell the top 2v2 team is mage mage atm.........

Yeh that's thanks to the bs burst. It is being toned down next patch and if u read the mage forums there are quite a few mages saying that frost is rather boring to play in pvp. Heck, they reckon u may only cast frostbolt once in a fight. Just deep freeze, frost bomb and ice lance spam. /yawn
If you prefer arena then mage is the way to go. Burst is king right now and as a mage (frost) you have choice of nearly any other class to play with and fit in well. SPriest is more limited in arena and has less viable comps as compared to mage. In my personal opinion, frost mages outclass everyone else in the game in arena right now.

As it stands now, though, mages are wonderboys every 30 seconds and CC machines in the other times. They're REALLY good, though.

For a BG preference I think both are in great shape. I prefer the play style to my SPriest (also have a 90 mage) so this is the guy I roll with.

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