LF Resto Druid or Mistweaver Monk! Core Spot!

6/6 2/6H

Tues-Thurs 8-11:30PM EST

We're looking for a resto druid or a mistweaver monk with comparable raiding experience to join our team. We're a laid back group of people who have been raiding together for nearly a year now. I won't crit you with a wall of text so if you're interested get in touch via real id: Squirt#1622

DPS offspec a plus!
My monks name is Staffinfec. I do have a DPS offespec and gear for my monk. I think my Ilevel is arounf 471 for my offspec and I am wearing my healing gear right now. My oth

I have done both 25 man and 10 man raiding since WOTLK. I took a break from the game about a year ago to play Star Wars. I have done heroic modes in WOTLK, and in that guild I was the head healer on this guy.

The guild I am currently in raids tues and Thurs 8-11 but they have cancelled the raid the last couple of weeks due to not enough healers showing up. I have never missed a raid without at LEAST 48 hours notice.

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