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Where are we located?
We are an all adult guild in which our current focus is 10 man raiding. We are located on the Alliance side of Stormrage-US. As most of our members have very busy RL schedules we focus on a two night a week raid schedule although will do an additional night where necessary.

What are our raid day/times?
Tuesday 8:30-11:30 EST
Thursday 8:30-11:30 EST
Monday (Clean up) 8:30-11:30 EST

Why are we recruiting?
We have a firm understanding within our raid team that a players spot is determined by both skill and commitment. If either of these come to question, the player will be spoken to about issues and offered help to improve where ever possible. If no improvement is made then we will work to find someone more suited to our raid team.

What are our current recruitment needs?
-Prot Warrior
-Healer (non-pally)

As always all exception players will be considered

How large of a team do you run?
We run a raid team of 13. This allows for RL to happen and not to hinder the guild. We do not have a nightly bench and never will. We do swaps in between bosses based on gear needs. A player will rarely if ever sit out for more than 1 boss a night.

What is our progression?
6/6 Normal MSV
3/6 Normal HoF

What do we expect in a raider?

-We expect a raider to come prepared in every aspect. this include properly gemmed/enchanted gear, flasks, potions, and personal 300 food. Due to the rarity of the 300 food we only require it to be used when called for, typically on a progression fight.

-We expect the raider to bring a positive atmosphere in the face of difficult encounters. Becoming negative or burnt out gets us nowhere and since we have a short raid week the raider is expected to bring 100%, 100% of the time.

-We expect the player to be a team player. By this we mean that the raider must understand that one person cannot kill a boss... it requires the whole team. This means that gear will be spread out as evenly as possible with minor exception to things such as set bonuses.

-The raider will be expected to pull top notch numbers while remaining situationally aware. This does also include in depth knowledge of a fight EVEN BEFORE OUR 1ST PULL.

How do you contact us?

Apply at

-Hop on our server make a level one and whisper/in game mail us

Officers: Hölyrot (ALT CODE 0246), Cutìe (alt code 0236), Jumpyy, Vitasia, Vitamortis, Vitaminp

Battletags: Holyrot#1999, Vitasia#1411

Looking forward to hearing from you.
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Also, updated Website!! Come watch us kill dargons!
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