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So I've been trying to roleplay on the allaince side on my realm (i mostly roleplay on horde which is amazing!) But I've been having no luck at all when i try to find roleplayers on alliance. So what realm is good for alliance roleplay?
Moon Guard as long as you avoid Goldshire and obvious trolls/ERPers.
Have you visited Earthen Ring's RP network?


You can also join the /forthealliance chat channel, which is where a lot of role-players hang out.
Moon Guard has a massive Alliance RP community, especially with the mass migrations from Horde during the latter half of Cataclysm.

You will always be able to find random RP at any hour of the day, and there are plenty of guilds to satisfy your roleplaying needs.
Cenarion Circle has a pretty active RP community Alliance-side, though it is largely event and guild based. Lots of different RP guilds to fill your needs, really quality storytellers so there's always some sort of exciting plotline going on.

If you want to check out our server, /join allianceoooc when you make your toon. Almost all the RPers on our server hang out there, so just pop in and say hi. :)

Also of note -- I don't know about Earthen Ring but Moonguard, Wyrmrest Accord, and Cenarion Circle at least are all sharing zones these days -- I've been able to watch plenty of RP on the other two servers (and can I just say, MG, my eyes!! Poor Goldshire!! :P) too so it may be worthwhile just to roll on one of them and see what RP you can see from all three. Dalaran especially gets a lot of RP from all our servers, I've noticed.

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