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Emerald Dream
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Wind rustled the leafy bodies of the trees behind Fafen as she sat atop her saber, looking down the shoreline in Ashenvale. A light spray of seawater misted over her, sending a shiver up her spine. She narrowed her eyes, following the slender figure of another Kaldorei as she walked down the beach. A Highborne. Fafen chewed her lip and shoved the gnawing feelings of doubt out of her mind. Allowing the arcane wielders to aid in the protection of their land was a good idea. Even with much of the mistrust that the mages received, they, too, deserved a chance to prove their worth.

And why shouldn’t they? The threats the kaldorei faced from the orcs now were more than mere annoyances. Garrosh had proved that a hundred times over with what he had done to Theramore. If her people stayed complacent now, there would be no hope of survival at all. They needed to begin striking back; not wait for the horde to come and assault them, and drive the kaldorei further north with every battle. Her people needed to stand their ground.

With every passing day, Fafen had found more that thought much like she did. Her people’s blood had been stirred with the threat of imminent death. They would not be so easily destroyed after all.

The names of the new recruits ticked off in her mind; Fariel, Vaziel, Mahkann, Nasarius, Galithaladas, Lovatæ, Alówen, Twylara, Adoranaya. Each had heeded her call, her plea, to return to Kalimdor. Each seemed willing and eager to put their lives in danger to save what was left of their homes. And more would come. They had to. The small numbers Fafen had managed to rally would not be enough to hold back the wave of horde for long.

She focused her eyes on the young woman on the beach once more. A lone orc thundered towards her, sword raised, wordless shout streaming from his opened mouth. He would bowl over the girl in less than a few second if she did not react. Fafen’s body stiffened, and she clenched the reins of her saber tightly; still the mage did nothing.

And then, in the dim light of twilight, a burst of fire erupted from the woman’s hands, engulfing the orc that was now mere feet from her. The elf side-stepped the ball of melting armor and flesh as it collapsed where she had been standing, then Fafen watched as the woman looked towards her and tilted her head back in laughter and continued on.

A shiver ran up the priestess’ back once more. We need them. We must all fight together if we are to live.

What the end result would be.... only Elune knew how things would conclude. All Fafen could do was pray and fight.
Sentinels of the Blade is level 25 (woot!). We are a Night Elf rp-pvp guild (with some worgen thrown in the mix for funsies). Our guild is militaristic in nature, but if that’s not your cup of tea, don’t worry! We have room in our guild for anyone with a desire to participate in Nelf rp.

In the past, we had restricted mages from joining, but no longer! So don’t be afraid to join with us if you want to play a Highborne.

We have a few events played for the coming weeks to involve more than just nelves, so keep your eyes open! And on top of that, our guild does a weekly trek through Ashenvale to clean out any unwanted Horde.

If there are any orc/tauren focused guilds out there that would like to participate in some cross-faction rp and conflicts, please, please, please contact me!

For more information, visit our new website: SentinelsOfTheBlade.enjin.com
((Sentinels is foine as heck!))

Good to see you guys are back. ESC vs Sentinels battles of the past were wonderfully fun.


Good to see you guys are back. ESC vs Sentinels battles of the past were wonderfully fun.


((Completely agree. Hopefully there will be many more to come :) ))
((Good luck to you, Sentinels! Excellent people.))
((Good to see the Sentinels out and about again!))
Glad to see Sentinels is alive and kicking :D Best of luck in your guild's growth!))
oh hey cool! my ad is the one you used <3
((Not gonna lie, that one is prolly my favorite :P))
((i wish this guild the best :D))
((Bump! Second page is lame.))

Good to see you guys are back. ESC vs Sentinels battles of the past were wonderfully fun.


((Completely agree. Hopefully there will be many more to come :) ))

((I do hope there are! Some of the best WPvP/RP I've had!

Bump for an awesome guild!))
I do approve!
(//dramatic grey scene with me holding my family\\)
My names mohawk, and i approve this message
(// slow motion laughing and hugging with my family\\)
So like....are Death Knights banned from your guild too? You like, have none.
no they have em...they just dont join very often.
Why are we ... I don't know ... talking so eliptically?
((DKs are accepted, not really sure the reason why. Guess there aren't many night elf rpers that play dks. /shrug))

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