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Emerald Dream
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01/23/2013 10:46 AMPosted by Ruvin

((This happens quite often, actually. So... QFT.))
Edit: Jk
01/23/2013 10:34 AMPosted by Rettribution

Filthy?! I'll have you know the Bootleggers are as clean as anyone can be, given their line of work....

<Stands up straighter>

I stand by my statement.

Weeellll... as soon as I hit 90 I shall come to Ashenvale and...um... show you how clean the...! Um.

Actually I can't help here, I'm not a Bootlegger. And I think Tor or Dyce might protest if I asked them to come with me to let you, know. Smell them or something.

I guess we'll have to resort to fisticuffs!

/slinks away
Our guild will be hosting a formal "Induction Ceremony" into the Sentinels of the Blade for all aspiring recruits on the 26th of January ( This Saturday ) at 8:30 PM Server Time in Shadowglen, Teldrassil.

This event will serve as an official initiation for current guild recruits as well as all those interested in joining our guild through an IC event.

Please whisper or send ingame mail to Fafen, Iotá, Eregil, or myself if you are interested in attending.

Hail to the night!
((Bump! Also, I've had quite a few people talk to me in game about just rping with us. We would love that! I understand that not everyone can leave their current guild to join an rp one (due to raid/rbg commitments, etc). We're friendly folks :) Just shoot me a whisper and I can let you know when/where we're doing things if you want to tag along.))

((Edit: We also have our uber spiffy banner up on our website now thanks to Virendis! <3<3<3 SentinelsOfTheBlade.enjin.com))
((I don't think his name is on the art work my dear. Virendis is a noob!))
((That banner is amazing!))
((I agree.....but I am bias! Bwahahaha!))
((You're Virendis to me, deal with it :P))
01/27/2013 10:13 PMPosted by Roxamus
((That banner is amazing!))

Must be IPad unfriendly. It shows up as a big black box.
((Well ipads are lame. That does not surprise me.))
((Ya, normally enjin really sucks for mobiles))
((Le bump! Only just getting involved with the Sentinels on my dr00d, but I'm having a good time. :) Highly recommended for anyone looking for nelf-centric RP.))
((Fourth page... sad day. Anywho, back from my vacation and growth is STILL happening! Love it! Message any member in game if you want to find out more about us.))
((BUMP! I love being in this guild. Great people and great RP! xD))
02/08/2013 04:05 PMPosted by Fafen
Message any member in game if you want to find out more about us.

((OH! Pick me. Pick me. I'll stay online all night so you can contact me! xD I'll give you a cookie!))
((Bump for a Neato Bandito Guild, hope to see you guys out in Ashenvale sometime soon uwu ))
((Bump for an awesome group of people :B ))
((Bumping because that's all I'm good for))
((I miss you guys! I might come online this weekend if I have time and say hello and see how things are going! :D


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