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As the title says im looking for a guild to call home and stay in for the long run. I have rerolled from a mage due to it not being as fun as it used to be(main of 7 years). Im willing to xfer/faction change if need be.

Im generally on every day after 4pm to late depending on work(brisbane Queensland time)
Still looking
raiders of the Lost Ark has formed a new raiding team. I am looking for a range dps to be part of a 13 man raid team. We raid 9pm to 11.30pm Wed, Thurs, and Monday. We group up at 8.45pm. I see you a little way off to raid however I would save your spot if you are committed. I do not allow anyone in the raid team till they are min 460 gear (this will go up as we progress). The reason for 13 man raid team is we have people who work, or have real life commitments and I do not like pugging.

not sure if you are after raiding.

We are a mature guild.

I am normally on 8.30pm every night.
NMB is a weekend raiding group made up of 6 long time friends.

We are looking to expand our core group, but waiting until we can fill our team with decent raiders who are laid back and enjoy the game for what it is.
With that in mind, we have not started our MoP progression as yet, pugging to get by.

Our core group has been been in high end hardcore guilds at one stage or another, but prefer the more relaxed approach these days. That said, we will be pushing for progression as soon as we fill the last 3 spots.

We are mostly 30+ yo players from Brisbane / Singapore area with later than normal work commitments, so raiding is done on the weekend, allowing us to relax during the week.

Add Ruanuku#1934 if you want to chat.

Zenith would be interested in having a chat to you about a raiding spot if you were interested.
<Sanctum> is a well established guild that aims to create a friendly environment for our guild mates to develop their raiding skills and enjoy the game while maintaining the desired raiding standards and benchmarks.

Group 2 (10man) is recruiting DPS for the newly formed raiding team, we are 4/6 MV, you also have chance to enter group 1 for heroic experience as group 1 have clear 6/6 MV, 2/6 HoF and moving onto HM.

Raid times : Wednesday, Thursday and Monday - 11:55pm to 2:55am Server Time (8:55pm - 11:55pm GMT+8)

- Have at least ilvl465, raiding ilvl is 470+ (with proper enchants and gemmed)
- Reliable and active player
- Stable internet connection
- Have raid awareness
- Able to listen to raid leaders and respect their decisions
- Up to date with their class and always trying to maximise their dps, eg elitistjerks
- Will not start any unneccessary drama for more info, or pst/in-game mail Tedstickles, Chitori or Souichiro
Sorry was away for a few days, up to level 76 and still looking for a home(stupid thing on the armory hasnt updated)
level 80 :)
5 levels to go!
Hi Mate, we are called Facepalm
Very friendly casual raiding guild, we raid 2 nights a week.
At the moment, Monday & Wednesday from 6:30pm Brisbane time for a couple of hours.
Currently 4/6 normal MSV

If you want any more information, send me a tell.
We are on Dreadmaul server

Exonerated are currently recruiting for our core team, we currently looking for a dps, a shadow priest would fit well with our current composition. We are a new guild that only started raiding 2 weeks ago. Currently 6/6 MSV, 2/6 HOF , once we have our core team we will quickly try to move into heroic progression.

Our current raid times are Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday - 9:00 - 12:00 PM ST

Temporary guild website -
Hey Ceth,
Im about to throw in a app now, would be it be possible to talk to you ingame via battlenet/tag?
Finally level 90, currently gearing up and still looking for a home
Props for a nice guy and great player =)
Hi, [A] Sanctum is an established guild in Dreadmaul. Currently at 10/16NM. My group is raiding 12am to 3.30am ST on Wed, Thu and Mon. We need a spriest. If you find the above suit your situation, please contact me at Pax#1915
Hi, leet is a 10m casual raiding guild on dath ramar.we raid 2 to 3 days per week and most of us r real life friends living in Singapore. If u r looking for a friendly raid environment plz contact me at anythinglei#1236. This is a perfect place for u. Our raid timing is from 9 30pm to 12 30am Singapore time.(GMT+8)

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