[A] Phantasmagoria Group Two Recruiting

<Phantasmagoria> are a 10 man raiding guild currently looking for a tank and dps for our 2nd group

We Are currently Looking for a Death Knight (Blood/Frost), Druid (Guardian/Feral/Balance), Rogue.

Raid days:
Wednesday: 8 - 11
Thursday: 8 - 11
Sunday: 8 - 11

We are currently
MSV 6/6 1/6H
HOF 4/6
ToES 0/4

If interested in joining the guild please apply on our guild website.

Bump for cool cats
Preferably Warrior or Death Knight!
Also keen on a Warlock!
I heard group 2 was full of awesome people.
as far as im concerned they're group 1 if miasm is there.

Come be a Cool Cat!
must be a cool cat
Thanks Peki! Where are all those talented tanks and ranged hiding?
Bump =)
what's going on in this thread?
A bunch of nobodies talking to themselves by the looks of it.
this is the only thread not occupied by pvp drama, so lets keep it that way!
1v1 scrimming any noobs on black ops im worlds best level 49 in the world
Thanks for the free bumps, trolls.
Thanks Peki, Jovial and Buffjob! :)

Still looking for a tank and some ranged!

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