[A] Phantasmagoria Group Two Recruiting

Where are all the Warlocks at?
Warlock found!

Also; an update to progression, Garalon down!

Any super good and cute Mages around?
They getted wind lord now, come hang out and admire my transmogs.
xoxo Gossip D'Lonzo
Hello there, I was recently informed somebody claiming to be "Miirkat from Frostmourne" has been a douche bag on your guild forums (See here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7317741705#9)

I do appologise if this is true however this was not me, I am not sure how retarded whoever it was is (assuming it is even true? Stables is pretty much brain dead so I don't take what he posts very seriously) but I am sorry it happened, however there is not much I can do about it besides advising you to keep their IP banned.
We've had no issues at all with anyone posting !@#$ on our guild forums at all, but thanks anyway.
hes playing you for a fool, venetia
the only one allowed to play ven for a fool is PINK TURNIPS!
You're meant to bump it when you update it..
12/14/2012 10:25 PMPosted by Sparkleflap
You're meant to bump it when you update it..

Damn it, Joel!

You had one job!
Thank you for doing my job, Slave.

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