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I'm reading the forums on this issues it seems a lot of ppls has been fixed I and my husband can't log into the guild chat. Our guild has not had a name change as I'm seeing this has been the issue for some ppl but this is not the case fr us

I have uninstalled it and installed it back and it's still not working, it's not working on any of my devices
Ok so I read more posts and it seems a lot of ppl are having this issue and for a while now ....are we going to get a blue post soon on when this will be fixed
Finally able to log into the armory this morning, but still cannot log onto guild chat. Many of us are having this issue on a constant basis. I for one would be more than willing to pay for this service again if it would mean the end of these connection problems and some type of response to our posts as to what the issue is and when it will be gone.
^ im in that boat, this is turning into a repeat issue.
I'll add myself to the list as well. I'm sure it's a server issue at this point. I have a samsung Gal S 1, Android
I would be surprised if it wasn't a server issue at this point. Unlikely to see much effort put into a resolution considering how long the complaints have gone on without a response from Blizzard.

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