What are some good Raid Frames for healing

Hi guys, I was wondering if any of you know a good raid frame addon that isn't too hard to configure. I am looking for something that will make raid healing a bit easier. I use to use heal bot but it isn't being kept up too much lately so I was wondering about using something like xperl unit frames or some other raid frame addon. Please let me know your thoughts.
I switched to Vuhdo from Healbot about two years ago and never looked back.

A lot of people swear by Grid, but I'm pretty blind irl so I like how you can make huge chunky numbers and icons on Vuhdo. Grid always struck me as harder to configure, but I don't really know enough about its features to discourage it, either.
I heal with Vuhdo too, you can do all the important things that Grid can do, Grid has a lot more variety though, but I love the look of Vuhdo. I don't mean to diss, but Healbot is pretty bad, my main concern was that you can't make it into horizontal style, only vertical columns which I do not like.
I've been wondering for awhile whether there is a Healing addon for me. I don't like the new Blizzard Raid frame style where the whole frame is a bar, especially when it's coloured by class instead of by health condition, it makes it very hard for me to at a glance determine what my priorities should be as the movement of the large bars is distracting. I did very much like the old style Blizzard Raid frames and use CT Raidframes as it is pretty similar, but there are occasions when I find it lacking like when there is a critical debuff that I need to see or when I need to see who's in Tanking role in LFR etc. I use mouseover macro so I need to be able to mouseover the whole frame to heal. I've tried customizing healing addon frames in the past and found that while I could get them to look like what I want I could use them because I had to mouseover the now tiny health bar on the individual frames in order to heal people which is just stupid.

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