Resto Druid PVE macros

I've set up a few basic macros for raid healing and am starting to get used to mouse over macros, but wanted to know what macros you use heavily and how you have them set up.

My standard mouseover macro looks like this. Just make copies and replace Lifebloom with other healing spells like Rejuv. If you aren't mousing over anything atm, the spell will be cast on you instead.

/cast [target=mouseover, help] [target=target, help] [target=player]

This is a mouseover combination of Nature's Swiftness + Healing Touch, used for an instant, free, big heal when someone's health bar takes a big hit. You can also make a copy of this macro and replace Healing Touch with Rebirth for an instant brez. The stuff about Sound and Errors just prevents it from telling you the spell isn't ready yet if NS or Rebirth is on cd. It will still cast HT or Rebirth though.

/console Sound_EnableSFX 0
/cast Nature's Swiftness
/cast [target=mouseover, help] [target=target, help] [target=player]
Healing Touch
/console Sound_EnableSFX 1
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

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