Cannot loot items in pandaria.

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This has been happening off and on for awhile now. I can't loot things, from corpses... to in this case, the nectarbreeze orchard quest lines I cannot loot the garden tools, I right click them and i just kneel there trying to loot but it never loots. I have had this problem with miss fanny in valley of four winds as well.

I did put in a ticket to a gm and she of course gave me the same old line, delete wtf interface and cache folders. Which in my ticket I had said I had done at least 3 times. After waiting almost a day to hear back she said she was going to email me instructions on deleting a cache folder or file inside the data files folder. She emailed me detailed instructions on how to..... you guessed it. Delete my wtf, interface, and cache folders. The problem still exists. I have dumped my interface wtf and cache multiple times but this keeps happening. I know it's not my mods because this ONLY happens in mop lands. In the panda noob area and on pandaria itself. NEVER happened anywhere else before.

Is this a problem others have had and what did you do to fix it. The ticket system is a joke, I shouldn't have to wait for over a day to get an answer to such a severe issue. And then the answer is exactly what I had already done multiple times.

I'm looking for a real useful response, not the canned delete wtf cache and interface... because that isn't working. Something else is wrong and I have a feeling I am not alone on this issue.

*EDIT* After 14 total attempts I was able to loot the item. This clearly isn't a problem on my end.
Are you in a raid?

When in a raid, you cannot make any progress toward non-raid quests, including looting quest items.
If this does not already get moved, you may want to report this over on the Bug Report Forum so the QA team can take a look into it. Or, if you'd like, you can use the new(ish) in-game Bug Report Feature.

Have you looked over on the Bug Report Forum to see if this is a problem for other people? It may also be on the Known Bug list.
I don't see anything recent about cogwheel bugs...
11/19/2012 12:09 PMPosted by Xiujing
*EDIT* After 14 total attempts I was able to loot the item. This clearly isn't a problem on my end.

That might not be entirely true.

It can be based on your connection as well as if you are out of sync with the client.

When you first log in, do you usually have a few items that say "Retrieving Item Information" when you cursor over them?

If so, do you use an addon like NPC_Scan? Many users of that one will usually clear out their cache continually, which in turn can cause this type of issue since you are constantly needing to download the information.

If you are not using that or a similar addon, or otherwise clearing your cache, you might want to visit the Technical Support forum. They may be able to help troubleshoot the issue, looking at your connection and set up.

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