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I was wondering if there is an ETA for the new rep changes going live? I was hoping we might see this prior to 5.1 if possible and if not is there an ETa on 5.1 going live?
From everything I've seen, the rep changes are going live until the 5.1 patch. Highly doubtful they would try to do anything before hand, since it probably needs to be done during a major patch.

As for when the patch is coming, they tend to play that pretty close to the vest. We may find out a week before hand, but they don't generally announce dates. Too many things can change and push it off and upset people.
Thanks for the input Scrinshee. I kinda figured that but was hoping since from information gathered on how it would work they could implement it more quickly. I understand they are just adding an item to be purchased from individual quartermasters that would grant the rep bonus. Either way an official response would be most appreciated just to sate my curiosity.
This is probably the wrong place to ask, in addition vendor changes are not done by hot fix.

Given the change will be in 5.1 and they would need a special patch to do this its extremely unlikely they would do a patch for this in 12 hours time when it will likely be patched in a weeks time regardless.

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