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Wyrmrest Accord
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It's not even a tribe! It was started out of necessity! You're way too good looking to be a troll!

"Dat's what I heard everybodeh tell meh. Well...Mebbe not da las' part. O'mebbe dey did? Who's t'know? Anyways...It's about time ya pulled up a chair an' 'eard about what dey dun tell in between da second an' da third wars."

The troll would reach behind him, pulling up a drum and finding himself settling down upon it. His lanky frame would lean forwards so he was resting his elbows upon his knees...a simple pipe propped between his lips. After a slow drag, he began,

"So da humans won. Da Alliance beat back the Horde and shoved them all back through the Dark Portal. We know dat. But what happened t'da rest? To da trolls, and the few scraggler orcs that didn't make it? Well. Here's what my Grandpappy tol' meh."

Another slow puff was drawn in...Carefully considering his words.

"So da Horde was defeated...And dey start runnin' through tha foothills, tryin' t'escape the rampaging humans. My Grandpappy and others took to the hills, thinking that if they got to the top, they could hold a betta position, or at least get a betta view an' find betta places t'run to. What did dey find? A cloud so dense and so unmoving, that it was hahd t'see ya hand in fronta ya face. Da Humans gave up chase. All was peaceful. Still...We talkin' about -real- Horde here...Ya know what i'm sayin'? We're talking warriors...Axe chuckas...Real troopas, ya know? Dey came up wit a plan. Dey wasn't gon' be a real tribe...All keepin' t'demselves. Dey had a plan tah regroup, heal dere wounds, bear some young...Jes' get readeh fah when da Horde returns."

The chamber of his pipe burned a smoldering red from the lit cherry at the bottom. With an all-knowing grin and smoke billowing from his nostrils, the Troll spoke,

"Da Horde returned."

He began to stand, placing the simple smoking mechanism on the nearby table and extending his hand,

"So da Whitetusk Tribe be slowly descendin' from da mountains, stahtin' with me. Readeh t'accept elite membas and teach dem de ways o'da secon' war. T'help fight against da Alliance scum, an' anyting else dat threaten da Horde. We don' accept often, but when we do, we prefer dose dat have da fightin' spirit, and know what it mean t'stand up when da rest o'da worl' be sittin' down. Any questions?"

-------------------------------------------OOC Information--------------------------

Alright. We're a level 25 Horde guild with a focus on raiding, dungeons, and RP. If we can get a solid group together, we'll even move onto tackling challenges and other things.

The story is that the White Tusk Tribe (which isn't really a tribe to begin with) has sent down a few members to help teach the other members of the Horde, as well as to create a status of lesser known, elite warriors. Think Assassin's Creed's Brotherhood, just without Assassin's. Please don't confuse us into thinking we're a tribal troll-type roleplay just because a troll leads, and its name is sort of 'trolly'. We're more of a clan than anything, but it wouldn't make any sense to have a tiny mountain village be known as a clan.

All races and levels are welcome, but please remember that our goals are set for end-game PvE, so we hope your goals are the same.

If you have any questions regarding the lore, or the guild, you can ask them here or in to me in game.

If you would like to join, just whisper any of our members, especially myself or Bektan.
What can we offer you?

At the moment? A good home. We are currently running heroics and working on gearing up our people for LFR. If you join and are level 90, we will help you gear up. If you are not level 90, then when you are, we will help you gear up. Once we tackle that and get some appropriate gear, we'll be setting our sights on getting raids on farm. We have a Guild Bank, a Guild Tabard, and Ventrilo. Otherwise, we are an adult guild.

Adult guild? Like ERP?

No no. I made this guild with the purpose of being a casual, laid back, free-from-judgement place. I've seen so many family guilds around that I wanted a place for adults to be able to speak their mind and use whatever language they want. Our members discuss adult themes, using adult language. However, we are very respectful and do not belittle or treat our members unfairly. Also, if you have an issue regarding any topics that are discussed or our members, feel free to whisper me or Bektan, and the issue will be handled anonymously. You will not be put on the spot, and we will make sure to reach an acceptable resolution.

When are your raiding times?

At the moment, we are unsure. It will definitely be on Saturday and Sunday because of my work schedule, but as for the times, we will work that out with our core members when we form an acceptable 10 man team. We want it to work for everybody.

What do you guys plan on doing, event wise?

That's hard to say, and I'll leave some of it up to the members. I don't like to put myself on a pedestal and say 'I'm leader, do what I say'. It's ran by the people, just with Bektan and I keeping watch in case there's any massive dischord. What I can say we have been doing alot recently are heroic dungeon runs for gear, and old world dungeon runs for transmogging. I would like to incorperate roleplay into our transmogging runs, such as a reason why we're there.

I want us to progress and roleplay doing it. I was never a fan of a 'Just sit there and listen to one guy talk or three hours' roleplay session, so instead I would like to be doing something. An example might be that if we raid and your character pulls somewhat subpar DPS, instead of chewing you out and kicking you, Zul'Atal will pull your character aside and spar with them, or watch them fight a dummy to give them advice. If your character wants to find a suit of armor to honor him in combat, you're welcome to approach Zul or Bektan, tell them you've heard a rumor of 'Bla bla blah Armor of the Bla bla' in 'Bla Bla Old World Dungeon/Raid', and we'll go out on an epic quest to find it.

Besides, what's storytelling if there's no one there to make the adventures worth telling stories over?

What if I don't want to raid? Can I just RP? (Or Vice Versa)

Absolutely! We have members in our guild who solely RP with no intention of raiding. They are not treated with any more or less respect. We do not frown on those who do not sign up for our events or do the things we want to do. We create the events, and if you want to come? Awesome! If not? We understand, and you won't be frowned upon in the slightest. There's some who literally just want to log in and do dailies. That's fine too.

The only thing we ask is that if we create a guild event on the calendar and you sign up for it (as in confirm that you'll be there), that you try to be there. If you can't make it, you won't get kicked, just after the second time, you will likely be considered as unreliable and won't be invited to the next few events. Don't worry, if you talk to Bektan or myself with your concern, we can likely reason and get you back into events right away. We understand that life comes first, and won't punish you for that.

What are your views on alts?

Bring them all. We don't have a 'If you're not on for 2 months, we'll kick you' policy. Members who aren't online aren't really detracting from the guild anyways, so why not keep them? Seriously, we're level 25, so we have the perks you can benefit from.
Event Calendar:

12/08/2012 (6:00 PM Server Time): Our first guild raid. Going for Mogu'Sha Vaults 10 Man. Even if we don't have a full 10 man, we will pick up the rest. Throughout the week we will be gearing the members who are not geared yet, but still want to go. They just have to be on and willing to run heroics.
12/15/2012 (4:00 PM Server Time): Second guild raid. We went 2/6 last time. Let's see if we can go farther.
12/29/2012: I know it's a little far out, but we're taking this weekend off of raiding. Too close to the holidays, and we want everyone to not have to stress and instead enjoy their time. We'll pick up raiding again on this day. In the meantime? Gear up!

11/25/2012: We currently have a logo, and it looks Nice.
- We also are beginning to form a core team. Recruited a level 90 Hunter, Death Knight, and Paladin, not to mention I hit level 90 on my monk.
11/28/2012: Hit level 10. We also lost the paladin (Not sure why). Updated the roster
12/3/2012: Hit level 12. Found some members, now just to gear them up. Still need more to have a 10 man core raiding team, but we're getting there!
12/5/2012: Getting ready for MSV 10 this weekend (12/8/2012 at 6:00 PM server time). Still recruiting. Almost forgot. Level 13 now.
12/8/2012: Added another Warlock and a Paladin healer to our roster. Level 15 (almost 16) now. Raiding tonight. Will update on how we do.
12/8/2012: Level 16. Added another Warrior tank to our roster. Downed Stone Guardians and got the 'Must Love Dogs' achievement. Going back for more on 12/9/2012. Got the 2nd boss to 7%!
12/9/2012: Level 17. Downed Feng on Sunday. So far, 2/6. Going to need some more DPS for the 3rd boss, but to down 2 on our first night is something. Trying again this weekend.
12/12/2012: Level 19. Not bad. Going to schedule another MSV10 for this Saturday (12/15/2012) Let's see how we do this time.
12/18/2012: Level 22. Last raid we ended up getting the 3rd boss down to 5%. So close! We're sure to get him this time. Still, we ensured that the first two bosses are on farm and not a fluke!
1/7/2013: Level 25 (We've been that way...Just forgot to update). The holiday season took a lot of our raiders so we're a little shaky and looking to fill in the holes. As of now we need everyone, but we really need a 'good' (Not necessarily gear) tank, and healers.

Our Current Roster: Hunter DPS, Rogue DPS, Monk DPS, Monk DPS, Resto Shaman Healer, Druid Healer, Priest healer.
So I herd u like trolls.
11/20/2012 12:08 PMPosted by Zuresh
So I herd u like trolls.

u wan join awsum gild?
So at what times do you guys raid?
Well, I mean, I'm apart of another RP guild but it's a little upsetting in one aspect that this hasn't gotten enough attention. Maybe they're all just going to you in-game, but good luck with the tribe anyhow. I'd be glad to help OOCly and potentially ICly. *nod*
We're looking to start raiding on the weekends. When we get a core dungeon/heroic team, we'll discuss times that everyone can agree on.

And thanks Chequen. We actually haven't gotten any bites even in game. I think it's the level that scares people off, because we're not level 25 with 70+ members.

We're looking to get there, but you have to start somewhere! Thanks for the support!
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Bumping for trolls, Goodluck.


Bump from meh too! Trolls are awesome!
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Another Bump. Because it's Saturday.
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