<H>The Whitetusk Tribe has arrived!(Updates!)

Wyrmrest Accord
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We need more healers! :)
We're taking a short break from raiding for the holidays, so now's a great time to join and finish gearing up for raids! (: Still in need of healers.
Hey! A bump helper! Thanks!

Also updating the first post bump!
Lunch Break!
Happy holidays, WRA!
It's almost New Years. :) And we're still looking for healers.
Come heal for us in the new year!
Come raid with us today at 4 PM server. (:

Going to update front thread.
Last break Bump.

Oh, and updated the first thread.
Looking for healers and a tank!
Saturday Bump.
Raiding Bump
Night time Bump
Sunday Bump.
Another Sunday Bump!
Been a while bump!
Last Bump of the day! See you in half an hour (Or a little more, depending on traffic).

If you are looking to join, be sure to whisper anyone in guild for assistance.
February bump.

Gonna update the front page.

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