Which of the magics is most potent?

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Out of Fire, Holy, Frost, Nature, Arcane, and Shadow? Just curious
Disregarding fel magic, I'd say either nature or arcane.
Nature - only because with the Arcane, the vessel harnessing the energies of the arcane has to be able to control and contain the power. More for the fact one can physically exhaust themselves to the point of near death by overexerting themselves in trying to wield the Arcane.

With nature - you only direct the energies, you don't really control them. The best example is Malfurion in the War of the Ancients unleashing a massive storm that completely waylays the armies of the Legion and afterward he's more emotionally exhausted than anything.

So nature has a definitive edge over the Arcane.
Fire and forst are not real magics, lore wise it is arcane forgred in different ways.

Shadow and Nature and Fel are all a sub class of Arcane.

Titan made AZEROTH out of Arcane

Arcane is best magic.
I would say Arcane is the most damaging. Frost is good in some raids and dungeons it holds large groups at bay and allows other classes like paladins, warriors and druids to attack immobile opponents. It can also stop enemies from advancing while fighting others. Frost is also good for inflicting damage to multiple enemies at once. However in battlegrounds Arcane does a lot more damage to other players. Arcane is more damaging in MoP than it was in Cata in my opinion.
Define potent though.

Nature based magic, when used correctly or incorrectly can be some of the most dangerous and destructive magic known as it can cause the world itself to break. However the potency of it is different than arcane which can do the kind of destruction you see in Theramore... or fel magic as you see in outland.

It depends on the scale of what you are intending to do. So potentially all forms of magic in Azeroth are just as potent as each other... just in different ways.
Every magic has its advangtages and drawbacks. I don't really know much about the different magics, but I'm gonna take a swing at it.

Screw fire and frost, they're really just sort of subclasses of arcane.

Holy: Holy magic, I think, was never really meant to be used as a weapon, but rather as something to heal. Because of this, it requires a lot more work to make the Light do physical harm, with the exception of fighting undead. Because of this, it doesn't really have the destructive potential of the other types of magic. Sure, you can burn someone in holy fire, but can you level Theramore?

Nature: Nature, as was said before, probably is the most powerful... brute force-wise. You can't really control nature magic that much. You can tell it where to go, sort of, but beyond that, when you unleash things, they can cause massive damage. You can summon a tornado and barely break a sweat. Maflurion can do it almost without trying. However, if you screw up on a big spell, you have the potential to obliterate a continent, so BE CAREFUL.

Arcane: Arcane magic is pretty nasty stuff. It can cause people to turn into sheep, explode, disintegrate, etc, plus it has 3 subsects: Fire, frost, and fel. Arcane, when not controlled properly, can, as seen in-game, pwn Theramore easily. But, as mentioned before, one expends one's magical reserves pretty quickly, and the simple use of arcane magic can leave you feeling, nauseous, tired, even deathly ill. You can kill yourself if you verextend yourself when using arcane magic.

Shadow: Now, I really don't know much about shadow. It doesn't really do much damage to people unless used in large amounts, I think, but it has some pretty fun features. It can raise thousands of corpses to life, each immortal, superhumanly strong, and ridiculously hard to kill without holy magic. People who wield shadow magic can't really protect themselves extremely well with their own spells, but why would they need to... when they can just raise a personal army?

So, in raw power, nature wins.

In controlled, precise damage, arcane wins.

In benevolent effects, holy wins by so damn much that it's ridiculous.

But, this is all my opinion, remember? You can think what you want.

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