How would this laptop fair with WoW?

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3rd Generation Intel® Ivy Bridge Core i7-3630QM
Intel® HM77 Chipset

nVIDIA® GeForce GTX 670M GDDR5 (1.5GB) w/ Optimus Technology
Microsoft® DirectX®11 Compatible
PCI-Express™ 16X
MXM3.0 Type B

16GB - DDR3 1600MHz Dual Channel Memory (2 SODIMMS)

It's for a friend with bad internet where he lives, desktop not an option.

Any chance it will be able to comfortably max wow? IF no, maybe high with great framerate?

Thanks in advance! Let me know if any more info is needed.
This will run WoW maxed (shadows @ high) well.

How much is this?

It's the Sager NP9130, Sager is a brand that I've had an amazing experience with. My sager notebook lasted for 6 years until the GPU (8800m GT) finally burnt out. It was a tank.
Ah, Sager. Good stuff. Yeah, can't go wrong with it.

Note I did say "well", that is to say, you won't see super smooth FPS in crowded areas / raids, but it will be playable.

I believe you can get GTX 675M based laptops for just little more than that laptop, which would be a good upgrade from GTX 670M (despite small numbering difference, performance difference is pretty large).
So 5mans, questing, maxed, can we expect 40-50 FPS?

Would you say it would be better to bump down the settings for raids? I bump down particle density anyway because 25 players casting spells just looks crazy when it's on ultra or high. I'm not sure what playable means - I've heard from 17 FPS to 30 FPS cited as "playable." I think if we could raid maxed out with a framerate of 25-30, we'd be super happy.

Thanks again for your advice!
I have a GTX 560M, with high OC. Its performance is just slightly behind GTX 670M.

I run WoW with following setting:

1920x1200 windowed
4x AA
8x AF
Mostly ultra, shadows @ high

In Sha, with full raid group, I get about 20 FPS (during heavy action state).

That should give you a good idea of what to aim for, and what GTX 670M will perform like.
That helps a lot, thank you!
AA isn't really needed, so the laptop will smash WoW.
Hey guys, he ended up going with the Sager NP9130 as above and I thought I'd update on how it runs.

We put it on ultra and set shadows to high and texture filtering to good, and the framerate was over 100fps.

So we put everything on ultra and it is around 70 FPS and sometimes still around 100 FPS, in orgrimmar.

This thing is a savage.
Awesome. I may follow suit and purchase one as well.

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