So...I'm a bird now.

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
Yeah I just found out that the Shabby Arokkoa Disguise lasts for 5 minutes with a 1 minute cooldown. I am never turning in that quest.


Anyone else ever just keep an Area-select Quest Transformation item just to RP with random passers by as some bizarre race in that area, just for the hell of it?
There was that worg costume in Howling Fjord back in the day...
For a while there was that quest in Ashenvale that allowed you to turn into a Furbolg. These days however I think they've removed it but I think they added a new one as a reputation reward with the Timbermaw Hold when you're exalted with them. But to answer your question no I haven't. The main thing that comes close to that is my Vrykul Drinking Horn. I have a tendency to think that in the world of rping using it will allow Vynathlon to become closer to his Vrykul ancestors and therefore learn how to better utilize his corrupted Vrykul body parts in order to use them against his enemies.
I abuse the glyph of disguise as hard as possible. Especially in Pandaria, where it's far easier to get away with not being Hostile to absolutely everything. (Barring Mogu, which I still use to dance in.)

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