Delicious Cake (10) Recruiting

Area 52
Few spots left in core for raid team.

About Cake:

Located on Area 52 since Dec 2009.
Transferred from Elune after forming in July 2009.
Originally, 22 of 24 of our raiders came to 52.
The guild continues to stay tightly knit.

We raid 2 nights a week.
Tues and Wed 7-10 PM EST.
Thu can be an option.

Guild is laid back, easy going and looking for solid people that will show up consistently for raids.
( Pugging / dragging tanks for Stone Guard is interesting)

We have Mölsön and Labatts on tap. Cake with Beer!

You can contact any of my toons on 52
( Wont, Gralekk, or Could are all alts)
or check out our guild website at

Thank you.
bumpity, err i mean cake, mmmm.....cake, err I mean beer,
I'm in one of the raiding groups within Delicious Cake (not the one Kalagren is recruiting for), but I can say for sure that these people are a great group, and the guild as a whole is pretty a-ok. CONTACT HIM! DO IT! NOW!
Tank role filled.
Still looking for 1 solid ranged DPS.

Priority : Warlock or Shadowpriest
Bump Cake!
( not at all like Bundt Cake )
Still considering ranged DPS, window is closing.

Always taking apps from serious / skilled players.
Looking for 1 ranged DPS.
This is for a 'core spot'.
This group is one DPS from breaking progression open.
Updated recruitment needs.
Still looking.
Updated needs.
Any skilled role is welcome
Looking for up to 2 healers with decent DPS off specs.
Preferably 1 of them being a Disc priest.
Need only a solid disc priest with DPS off spec or vice versa.
1 healer with DPS off spec
1 melee and
1 tank needed to round out the core.
1 healer with DPS off spec and
1 tank with DPS off spec needed to round out the core.

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