[A] Not Today (10M) - Recruiting - Sun @ 5 PM

Hi all,

We're a casual raiding guild looking to fill a few spots for MV10.
4/6 Normal

Looking for:
1 additional healer, prefer Sham, Monk, or Priest.
1 SPriest
1 Elem Sham
1 Hunter

All dps should be capable of consistently putting out more than 50k dps, all healers should consistently do 40k+ hps as well.

Guild Website: http://dbss.guildzilla.com/
We have vent

Raid Times:
Sundays Only @ 5 PM - We will raid minimum of 4 hours
We may occasionally schedule midweek raids, but it will be uncommon. Our goal is to keep a 1day/week raid schedule and trail behind other guilds so that our players can see all of the necessary content.

About Me:
I lead Death by Snoo Snoo on Ner'zhul through BC and the beginning of WOTLK. We were a top 100 US 25m Guild, but due to work I had to step away. I had come back late in Cata and it's been an uphill battle recruiting appropriate talent for a casual guild. Due to attendance issues we are really behind in MV10, but I sincerely feel it shouldn't be an issue once we fill our 10m.

PM Jibzmonk on KT if interested or visit our website and leave a note for me in the forums or private message. GL HF!

Also, please note we're looking for players that are at least 465 ilvl or higher. It's not that I think you can't dps or hps very well at a lower ilvl and make up for the lack of gear, but your health pool is also much lower and you're a little more prone to getting gibbed by certain abilities. Please pm if you're interested.

Only looking for 1 healer, r sham, disc priest, and/or mage - pm for more info
^bump^ still looking primarily for that healer
^bump^ updated the LF list.

Basically need healer / hunter / lock - 475 ilvl min in pve gear
Bump - looking for ranged dps that's familiar with content. Pst in game for details - Jibz or Saharie.

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