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Oh god, that would suck and yet be amazing all at once. I fear most of the bosses would be skipped (that can be) but the amount of trash mobs would make it quite a challenge to navigate. Especially if they increased the difficulty and perhaps added a few new packs. Alright, I like this.

A lot of the BC 5-mans were quite nasty as well. With lots of trash mobs and some very rough pulls at points this could be fun. I look forward to seeing people do Shadow Labyrinth. One of my favorites but those pulls before Blackheart were rough. That could be fun. Arcatraz, Shattered Halls, and The SteamVault would also be pretty amazing to see. Or heck if they are willing to include raids Karazhan Challenge mode.
Posted by Yablik
Make the portals activate based off of proximity. Want to go faster? Open more at the same time!

Violet Hold has issues due to random boss situation... unless the special challenge mode number tuning/mechanics are having to fight multiple bosses at the same time. No RNG if it's the same combos every wave!

Posted by Postonforums
tune them so 4 DPS with a blood DK isn't conceivable, you know, make them challenging.

then it becomes a DPS, but Black Morass had issues with rng affecting speed (running across vs close spawn). Violet Hold, obviously, you'd always get the water boss that takes forever. (actually, they addressed this with Brewery by having it always be 1 set, rather than random).

I have no doubt Blizzard could remove the RNG elements of those dungeons (despite what we're seeing in Mogu'shan Palace with the patrols/elevator and the frost arrows in Shado-Pan). With portals appearing at the same locations every time and with the same bosses spawning, completing Violet Hold (or Black Portal) in challenge mode would still, from my point of view, require less finesse than what we're used to here.

Currently, if you're shooting for gold with a 'standard' (=non-optimal) group composition, you need to maximize your dps everywhere you can, you need to plan your logistics ahead (Will we chain pull this or that room? Move toward a given location while fighting? Plan a mana break here or there?), you need to decide what trash packs you'll skip or keep CCed, you need to manage your cooldowns — you need to know the instance in and out, and it's when you've refined your strategy and executed it really well that you earn gold: that's what I mean by 'elegance'.

I feel like we would have less of such elements to master in order to earn gold in instances like Violet Hold, with less 'corners to cut' and all. But I'm merely asking to be proven wrong here: I do enjoy the concept of VH, I just don't think it would provide the same 'run to the finish' feeling of current challenges.

Posted by Postonforums
I personally think they need to make challenge mode specific dungeons, since the current setup, is too damn gimmicky, to the point it doesn't even interest me.

What do you mean?
11/19/2012 01:31 AMPosted by Keeblik
Ya, you wouldn't need PvP gear for Delrissa's adds though because Resilience doesn't mitigate their damage (unless your team member gets MC'd)

Does resilience actually mitigate damage from party members under the control of a hostile NPC?

Not 100% sure, but it should. It's player-to-player damage. Not really a large enough issue to be relevant though.
I'd like to see Botanica.

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