Remove Heroic Dungeon Lockouts?

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I've been trying to gear up my alt Paladin the past week or so and have been pretty successful with the exception of legs for my Ret set. This is because there is only one pair of DPS plate legs in all of the nine heroic dungeons. To top it off, the legs are from Scarlett Halls which doesn't even have a level 90 normal mode. So what I do now is queue for Scarlett Halls, run the dungeon, legs don't drop, and then I queue for random dungeons leaving all and waiting 30min if it's not Scarlett Halls.

Doing all of this got me thinking: Should there really be Heroic Dungeon lockouts anymore?

Heroic Dungeons are not what they were in previous expansions, some don't even have normal modes at all, let alone level 90 normal modes. With LFRs basically filling in the role of heroics past and the item level requirement for them requiring almost full Heroic Dungeon gear (due to not having a full set available for justice points) it is my opinion that the lockouts need to go.
Convert justice points to honor, obtain these: Dreadful Gladiator's Scaled Legguards.

Depending on Ret's precise secondary stat weights, they might actually be better than the 463 heroic drop.

I know it doesn't really address the issue of heroic lockouts, but eh. Still an option for you.
I got the legs yesterday but that wasn't the point. Just a back-story to illustrate the thought process that lead to my eventual conclusion. Thank you though.
you can also buy legs that are good enough to tide you over from Justice Points.
Loot distribution is pretty terrible in these heroics. Fairly early in my gearing, I noticed 3 heroics had absolutely 0 upgrades for me, and this only became worse as time went on. Heroics are completely devalued this expansion, with justice gear being of lower quality, no rep tabards, and valor obtainable through dailies. The only thing they have going for them is they take less than 30 minutes to complete. This forces players to weigh finishing the random they don't need and getting back into queue right away vs. getting deserter. Without the lockout, players would just queue the instances they want, thus forcing very long queue times.

I wouldn't mind removing lockouts for old content heroics, though.

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