How hard is druid healing?

Once upon a time, I mained a feral druid...and decided to try off spec healing around the beginning of Cata...i failed miserably at it...going OOM halfway through a boss fight...or after a trash pull...

i then rolled a shaman, and found it extremely easier than druid...and i didn't have the oom issues i had with the i stuck with that through cata

now here i am again, and i want to be a druid healer SO bad since tree form has made a it a bit easier now?

a lot of my friends have told me, that was just cata healing, and it was rediculously tuned to be hard, since healers complained about healing being too easy in ICC...and it has been cut back a this true?
Cata healing IMO was easier. It's a tad bit harder now especially when you get to instances like Shadow pan monastery. But, dont be scared. I find it more fun to play than my priest and "fun" is what's it's all about.
Druid healing is honestly a waiting game right now. You have multiple stages of necessary reactions in 5 mans starting with:

1) Keep lifebloom/rejuv on tank and refresh harmony (druid mastery) with swiftmend.

Is tank still dying?

2) Hard cast regrowth and continue to reapply rejuv as needed.

Is anyone else in the group dying?

3) If below 60-70% throw a rejuv on the player. If less than 50% you might want to swiftmend, if swiftmend isn't available yet hard cast a regrowth. (playing it safe)

Is the whole group dying at a moderate rate?

4) Start using wild growth and place swiftmend effectively. Alot of times I see myself rejuving myself just to get to a great spot to place efflorescence. If you aren't incredible with multitasking and awareness than just try to swiftmend someone that is near multiple partners.

Holy !@#$, my whole group is taking unbearable damage including myself. WHAT DO???

5) Don't panic just yet. Stay calm (VERY IMPORTANT) and just hit tranquility until you figure out what the hell is going on. If the extreme burst is down, just start falling back into your normal routine.

If your group is still taking on major stupid damage, this is the time to start popping cooldowns such as Incarnation and Nature's Vigil. If people are getting dangerously low(20-30% health) don't even hesitate to instant regrowth them and move on to the next person. While people are taking major damage, you want to remember to keep wild growth and swiftmend on cooldown to help you with the AoE damage. When it starts lightening up, just finish your Incarnation/NV with some lifeblooms around while using your clearcasting procs for spot regrowths.

If you cannot heal beyond a situation in a 5 man with this information than your group is doing something wrong mechanically, don't take blame for things you can't handle.

P.S. You can use this macro to make Incarnation/Nature's Vigil into one macro.
#showtooltip Incarnation
/cast Incarnation
/cast Nature's Vigil
I liked healing in TBC when treeform and rolling lifeblooms was it. I don't enjoy druid healing anymore.

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