Your Monk Transmog?

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..not one full-on Assassination mog?

Claw/sword is temporary. I'm wanting claw/claw (and yes both will be !@#$%^- vilerends) when Jab finally shows fist weapons.

Also.. for reasons unknown to me.. Vilerend shows.. backwards.. in the offhand.
Really like the sword, and the assassination set is cool I just dont like the shoulders. You should check out shoulderpads of the stranger. 8/10
I need a cool monk-ish hat...
@Acchi I went with your set I like it but I can't get the gloves having trouble unlocking the quest line.
I like to use this for healer....
I use this for dps
I like the replica darkmantle 7/10
enjoying mine currently, nice and simple.

We'll see for how long though =)
@Aryvei you could either get exalt with shado-pan and get their helm or you could get what i have. The Tillers also offer a straw hat for getting rep with them.
Dont know of a good helm. Fits the slutty theme. Wish I could find a yellow headband.
This is the one I am working towards...

(View 3D model)...
11/21/2012 11:46 AMPosted by Karmageddon
This threads got some pretty great ideas.

I salute your choice of names, sir

Karmageddons, UNITE
Holy !@#$ Ibori 10/10 I love those swords!
I went with the poor noob look. I like it :D
8/10 big fan of poor noob look.

I'm hoping the ridiculous cow with bear paws look catches on.
This is my current Transmog set, its what i was able to scrape together from the outlands zones but i actually really like it
I love this set, need the lvl 90 black belt and looking for boots to match. Also still working on the right weapons. Ihave FW pick out.

Call me shadow monk :P
Alright guys my finalized monk xmog what do you think?
11/19/2012 10:03 AMPosted by Mustañg
Guys I'm trying to create a unique transmog that isn't the typical cursed vision and bloodfang recolor. So What's your xmog. Feel free to rate the xmogs above you I'm just looking for ideas.

Wait...... !@#$
11/22/2012 10:04 PMPosted by Mustañg
Alright guys my finalized monk xmog what do you think?

Could use way better weps, Maladath, Runed Blade of the Black Flight comes to mind
@Reqy those weps are pretty cool but I still prefer sun eat :p
There is so much nice rogue gear out there it's hard not to end up looking like one. But it is possible.

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