How does one level a moonkin?

I have been leveling on Townlong Steppes for a good 20 minutes now and I am finding myself to be as squishy as a mage :| Any tips you could offer me to up my survivability?

Starsurge -> entangling roots -> dots -> wrath/starfire -> cenarion ward

anything I should be throwing in there?
Mages are squishy now? Throw in Barkskin. I didn't level as moonkin, but a friend leveled by AoEing everything in sight. Mushrooms for kiting > Starfall in Lunar + Incarnation + mass DoTing and self healing.

She said it was very fun =)
Just AoE pull everything
Moonfire/Sunfire pull/refreshing
Ursol's Vortex
Incarnation when available
Nature's swiftness + Healing Touch when needed

You're pretty much good to go. Mushie's if needed too.
11/19/2012 07:14 PMPosted by Eldotsyou
Not in townlong you don't! That's a very quick way of asking all the nice monsters in the area fighting npcs to kindly come over and sucker punch you.

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