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I've hardly done any dailies (in my opinion) and I still have like 200+ just sitting in my bag eating up space.

Could we possibly be able to convert more of these into Elder Charms of Good Fortune?


At least let us convert them into VP at a reasonable rate (90 Lesser Charms = 450 VP?)
they're supposed to be making them into a currency in a patch
when I first read this, I thought you meant "they're supposed to be making them into something you can purchases goods/items with in a patch".

After reading the patch notes, I see it really means "they're just moving it out of your bags and into the currency tab".

Not really the point I was trying to make though, in that we earn WAY more of these than we're able to really make use of at this time. The suggestion was to make this 'junk' from dailies more worthwhile, if we're needing to do dailies anyway.
They've addressed it in a blue post. Can use mmo-champs blue tracker to find it, but to paraphrase they want people to have that many cause there will be a point when you wish you had a lot to turn in. If I stumble across it, I'll post it.

Guessing he meant people burning out and not doing dailies or w/e, but they are(were) fine with the amount that could be earned and what they were currently used for. Could be mistaken, but that's the gist of what I understood*shrug*.
I feel bad for the crazy fools out there with 5000+ of these charms.
People doing every daily even though they're already Exalted. I'm sure people like that exist somewhere.
It's fine that you can only turn in lesser charms for the 3 elder charms once per week, at least since they are moving it to the currency tab. You may be getting a lot of them every day from dailies, but that's cause it's still quite early in the expansion. Eventually you will stop doing dailies after you got everything you want out of them, and you'll have a huge supply of lesser charms that will allow you to keep on doing the weekly without having to force yourself to do dailies.
Not really the point I was trying to make though, in that we earn WAY more of these than we're able to really make use of at this time. The suggestion was to make this 'junk' from dailies more worthwhile, if we're needing to do dailies anyway.

Ahh, thought you meant the bag space is the problem.

But yeah, what Kegg said is true. Basically, they want you to have more than you can spend. Because in a couple months, most people aren't going to want to keep going dailies. So you can just use the ones you saved up.
The stockpile is intended. Eventually players will burn through them over time, and we might have another wave of complaints on our hands when players don't want to do dailies for just coins and VP with no rep rewards. Each patch might add additional reps though. There's one in 5.1 with 496 rep rewards.
Wish I still got a stockpile of them... Got less than 100 left and next week i'd stuck doing dailies again after 3 weeks of break... =(

Sorry OP casuals like me ruined your game...
It's fine. I'm still sitting on all my coins from getting the rep gear I needed. Haven't done a daily in 3 weeks and I still have plenty left.
I'm 5 weeks ahead on Lesser Charms, but most of that was from the first couple weeks after I hit 90. It's not even that people will stop wanting to do dailies eventually, but that people will get exalted and "do 3 factions of dailies" will no longer be part of their routine. At that point, you'll be quite glad to have a stockpile of Lesser Charms.
Eventually, the intention (as far as I read) was to have VP usable to upgrade gear too, which means people will be doing the dailies just for the VP far past Exalted and +5000 Lesser Charms.

It seems like there's an insane amount of inflation involved with these Lesser Charms, where people will be collecting so many passively (mostly intending on getting VP for gear upgrades) that the'll end up consuming space rather being being truly useful.

A nice alternative to wasted material is to allow some kind of exchange or turn in for the important currency gained from dailies (VP).
5.1 Item Upgrade
Exactly. And considering we'll be earning 1x Lesser Charm while collecting 5x VP for each of the dailies, it'd seem worthwhile to make the Lesser Charms useful rather than waste space in a tab.

The point of the dailies is really the VP, since Dungeons and Raids just dont give enough at the moment. I'd love to trade in Lesser Charms for VP. Heck, I'd even prefer a means to turn off collecting Lesser Charms to get an extra 5 VP in each daily I did.
I love my stockpile. Means I can chose to not do any dailies for a few months and still get my coin rolls every week.
I still need to get another ~30 lesser charms for this week.

God I hate dailies so much. Barf.
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