Feint still works on Garalon 20121121

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Is this a real thing, or just a couple of confused kids?

EDIT: Did this today, no issues.
I can't see why they would make a change like that. Having a rogue tank is a significant DPS loss which is a pretty fair trade off to being able to soak swipes IMO considering how well rogues perform damage wise on the fight.
Not sure why they felt the need to do this.

Tanks despite getting low vengeance still do decent DPS on this fight. I guess Rogues might marginally take less damage than a tank if they nail every feint, but their DPS is going to be poor attacking from the front and not really getting much leg expose unless they are lucky.

Doesn't work on Heroic either, let people have their fun in normals.
why nerf one class that is good at a fight mechanic?

did they nerf disc priests on H LK?

pointless change, imo.

In all fairness, that !@#$ was almost impossible without a disc priest. We had 1 disc with valanyr who was on shielding duty for 23 people and that was pretty much his only purpose. Garalon can more than easily be done without a rogue tanking.
Do we know if this midweek hotnerf actually happened, or is just rumor?

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