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So, I was playing a few 2's on my Spriest. I noticed that whe when we went up against a healer/dps combo, I couldn't go for the kill. For instance, my partner, a MW monk, and I were fighting a Frost DK/Hpally. We started off gunning for the pally, and just couldn't get him.

Now, my gear isn't that great, so that could definitely have somethign to do with it... but how is SPriest burst with good gear? I really enjoy the utility my spriest has as far as the ability to heal, dispel, and damage, but sometimes I dislike the fact that I have about 3 damaging attacks I use on a regular basis. Sure, I use MS, and DP when available/procced, but still.

So, for those Spriests with good/decent gear. How are Spriests in arenas?
You can't with a Monk healer.

The best you can do is wait for trinket to be down, fear DR to wear off, and defensive cooldowns to be down, save up 2 MS procs and 2 orbs, DoT both targets, put the second target in a full fear (DoTs do too little damage to break it), and then push everything into your kill target.

If you get lucky and RNG is good, you can get enough MS procs that you can just chain cast them without Mind Flaying. This is very rare and can't be relied on, though.

In 2s, the only healers a Shadow Priest can play with are Paladin and Druid.

Paladin damage is blatantly broken. They do way too much. Their damage on top of yours can score kills more reliably during burst.

Druids can coordinate Heart of the Wild and go into cat form when you burst, giving you enough damage to kill something.
Use power infusion (yes, get power infusion. it's worth it) with your on-use trinket for 2s and wait til their trinkets are down. get a double fear and double dot them both and burst on whoever has the least cooldowns. Divine Insight is not reliable at all if you're bursting.

In 2s, the only healers a Shadow Priest can play with are Paladin and Druid.
You forgot the best healer out of all of them for a spriest.. Rsham. It's almost impossible to die as that comp. The shaman can help with purges/damage, and can actually slow your target for you if they pillar hump. Very defensive comp though, but if played right, it's the best.
Druids are pretty good, but against double dps I would definitely prefer shaman.
I wouldn't go with a paladin anyday unless I had to. Way too susceptible to casters if you're unable to mass dispel/peel
Best way to burst as a shadow is to get proc after proc. Which you can force to happen. Dot everything. With 3 enemies dotted with both VT and SW:P you literally have more procs than you can use. And when your hitting someone with MB after MB with some MS weaved in, they will drop like a sac of potatoes.
11/19/2012 08:57 PMPosted by Jessqt
Use power infusion (yes, get power infusion. it's worth it)

Not even close to worth it. On one hand you can have free and instant cast MBs, which crit for 50k + and give you orbs, which is the key to shadow. On the other you have a relatively small and short haste buff and mana cost decrease every 2 minutes.......

Divine insight is MILES better than power infusion.

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