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i was wondering on witch gear to go for im lvl 83 should i go for the wrathful are just save my honor for the lvl 85 pvp gear are is Mop stuff better for pvp? cause ive been getting pwn'd on the bg like crazy since mop

so like what gear should i get now at 83 and later at 85 btw this is my first toon and first topic lolz
Hello! Welcome to high level player versus player, or in other words, welcome to gear dominated pvp. Your issue is you do not have the current MoP greens, which are about equivalent to the raid gear in cataclysm. People will easily have twice your hp, with ridiculous amounts of stats, to go with it. If you're looking to pvp to 85, I would definitely look for some level 84 MoP gear to invest in. However, I wouldn't suggest wasting money on blues, unless its cheap, since you're already half-way to 85. At 85, you should go to pandaria (if you have the expansion) and just quest there.

However, in regards to what you should do at 85 if you do not have the expansion, I would probably suggest looking around the AH for cheaper blues, since everyone at 85 and level-capped will either be in full MoP blues to twink, or full catac pvp gear.
ok thanks i went ahead and got the mop trail and got the armor im wearing now but now the question is keep this armor for pvp witch im still getting pwned alot then i was when i was 70 are 60,are go for ruthless are is there a spot in mop that has better 85 gear?

and/also u said something about cata gear is that the gear u'd get in cata heroics are from some vendor?

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