What the discipline is going on, Blizz?

I ask myself over and over why I ever rolled a disc priest. Now I am really asking myself that, since the spec is completely and utterly destroyed in PvP.

Has anyone heard any good news on the horizon (other than the lackluster PTR changes at current)?
The good new is that we gonna have our focused will back, but....we gonna have our already weak damage output nerfed too via PvP power change (seems that will work only on heals for our spec). So...even less damage, we won´t kill an ant and maybe our atonement heal will be nerfed by default.
I would take survivability over damage output any day, though soloing people in S8 was pretty fun. :D
Honestly I just quit pvp to focus on pve until something gets changed drastically. I've not had a chance to test out the ptr to even see how much help the changes are going to be. My highest arena rating is 1900 and i really wanted to break 2k this season, but that's not going to happen unless i re-roll, which outside of doing dailies i never have any intention of playing shadow.

I'm sure focused will will help. But it doesn't address a lot of our other glaring problems. Mana is a huge issue and the rupture change did nothing to fix this. Alot of stuff that should be passive must either be glyphed or talented into. Other classes had this same thing happen but priests had it to a much larger degree. There are alot of problems with pvp right now and i feel like priest will be pretty low on the list of being fixed. They would rather spend their time creating more dailies I suppose.
If they take away our damage in pvp my disc is gonna retire.
Good thing I never got spoiled because I kind of disliked disc healing and don't feel like learning the spec either.

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