WTB Glyph of Play Dead

Glyph of Play Dead
(Minor Glyph)
Feigning Death cues your pet to follow your example. Your pet will Play Dead, dropping combat if possible.
+1! though they'd probably make it a major.
Id like to see it
pretty cool

I cannot express how many times I have ended up dead due to my pet being alive during my FD.
Thanks for supporting this idea :D
I Approve this idea.
I was just thinking this after I had switched my raptor to Cunning, he was doing this thing where it looked like he had died, but he was still moving. I kept wondering if he had magically learned to Feign Death like me. >_>
Would be good for raids when wipes happen, but would be terrible for soloing old raids and dungeons, like if boss is at certain % and then adds come you fd to drop adds agro on yourself and be to pet, if the pet fd too would make boss just reset.

That is why make it a choice not just a forced thing like they might just do.
This is a really good idea, but I see it being a major glyph if it happened as well.

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