[A] <MBG> lf tank and ranged dps for 10 man

<Mom's Basement Gaming> on Zul'jin-US is looking for a couple ranged to fill the 2 empty core spots available on our 10M team. We are looking for a tank, an exceptional Ranged DPS (any) and also a Ranged DPS with Heal OS (Pref SPriest or Boomkin).

We are also accepting GREAT PLAYERS regardless of gear because we will all be on the same gear level at the release of the expansion.

We are a group of friendly, mature players who like to have fun and also clear content. We are serious when it is time to be serious. We are 6/6 normal MSV and 2/6 normal HOF.

Raid Times:
Friday/Saturday from 10PM-1AM EST
Sunday from 9-11PM EST

We are a semi-hardcore raid team, which means we are always enchanted/gemmed/reforged properly, and we consider ourselves experts in our classes and roles. We read all the strats, watch all the videos and know the mechanics before we attempt the bosses. We are serious about progression, but not so serious where people get angry at each other. Raging or negative comments are not tolerated. Everyone is human, everyone makes mistakes, but we learn from those mistakes and continue to progress.

We require at least 80% attendance because consistency is the most important aspect of a team.

Our goal is to be top 5 for 10M on the server (high population and high ranked US server) and also break into top 5000 world for 10M. If this sounds like something you would like to do, we would love to have you apply or you can message me in-game for more info.

Please visit our site to apply:

You can read our philosophy here:

You can add my battletag if you wish to speak more:
Bump for my people
should look into something timesless if your raid that time maybe we can work something within our guilds currently looking for 2 ppl aswell around those times
Bump for a great guild
Bumpage! We are now 2/6 HOF. We are also looking for a MS tank.

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