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At first I tought it would be awesome and great but now all I see is people from other servers farming and killing mobs that I would usually only would ever do.

There is now so much competition and it comes from cross realm players , Please take this off. Many players from major servers are coming to low servers like mine to farm and put it in their AH.
You'll want to provide your feedback over in the General Discussion forum, particularly this one:

The blues here can't make that change nor do they serve as liaison to the developers.
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The Blues in CS are not developers, nor liaisons to them. Additionally the developers do not read this forum for feedback,complaint, or suggestions.

While our Developers appreciate any feedback you may have regarding the game it is important that these posts be not only constructive but also in the correct location. Development and our Community Managers do not read the CS forum normally and we do not serve as liaisons with them.

If you would like your feedback seen by the appropriate parties, please post in the forum that is best associated with your subject. For example if you have feedback on a specific class, post within that classes forum. For feedback that does not fit within a specific forum the General Discussion forum is best.

Make certain that your feedback is constructive, if you do not like something make sure you have a "why",how do you think it should work? Make sure your post is easy to read and understand. Proper paragraphs and grammar help a great deal, keep your points clear and concise and try to avoid drifting into exaggerations.

While our Developers and Community Managers are not usually able to respond directly to such threads they are read and again, very much appreciated. Player feedback is always considered, even if it may not always be applied.

You would be better posting in General.
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The support forums are not used for game design feedback.
As the others mentioned, Pallysus, if you wish to provide feedback regarding this game feature you'll want to do so in the General Discussion forum.

Please note that some of the concerns you may have regarding CRZ have been acknowledged by our Developers. While an immediate resolution may not be available they are looking into it.

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