Looking to join Rated BG's

as title reads, please hook me up

looking for grp running from around 4pm-10pm servertime weekdays and wheneva on weekends. never done rated bg b4 and only arena with rl mates so ratings not highest. last few weeks just been doing randoms and topping bgs almost every time, i would like a more competive and structured game and think rated bg is for me.
would love for anyone with maybe alt team to try me out Lustn#1510
still nothing?
This server doesn't do PvP
starting to look like it
If you actually want this thread to be of use put some more detail in the OP. Include things like when you can play, previous experience, rating expectations etc.

Also a much better alternative to this thread is to actually talk to people in game, find out who runs teams. Try joining pugs (as painful as they may be) as sometimes you will find people who run mor serious teams on their mains or whatever and may be looking for more people.

Alternatively you could try running your own team, at least then you are gaurenteed a spot.
ok, ty for the post ive tryed spamming trade for a grp but no one ever even responds but again thx
you need to spam trade in chinese if you want to get a team on the horde faction of this server

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