Mindbender Vs Shadowfiend

Recently I've found my situation with mana to be stable. As a competitive player always pushing to up my numbers I have wondered if Shadowfiend and Mindbender are fairly close to their mana regain. I have tried doing some research over it but i have yet to find conclusive data. I of course will be taking From Darkness Comes Light as my talent "in less mana intensive fights."

My question is: "How Much of a mana difference is MB and SF? Lets say on a 6minute fight.. and a 9minute one?"

This is what I've found so far...


Any thoughts?
The last time I checked, MB returns about 50% more mana than SF when cast on CD. The test I did was with low haste and against the target dummy so they could not have gotten additional or fewer attacks in the time they were up.

EDIT: This was before the supposed increase of mana returned by MB. I'm not sure though if that was an actual change or a tooltip correction.

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