Ele Shaman Or Bear Druid LF Guild

Hello Illidan. i am an MS Ele shaman with OS Resto. 481Ilvl as ele and 473Ilvl as resto.

My Bear is 480ilvl he does not have a OS at this moment.

i am 6/6MSV and 2/6 HOF

Currently looking for a raiding guild. able to raid Sun-Fri anytime between7:30-12 server. would like 10man but will work with 25man if the time fit.

my Btag is Filpsawesome#1605 add me and we can talk more about it.
i also have a paladin but she not geared at all at this time
we're looking for a ~full time elemental shaman for our 25 man roster, find me in game either tonight or friday
Hey, come trial with my guild. We have gone through 3 resto/ele shams. Big swing role to fill and we have yet to find the right person. We are 12/16 normal after re building our core the past month 2 shotting empress, 7:30-11:30 CST Tues,Thurs,Sun. Come join the faceroll.


going for server top 20 through this expansion.
This looks like a good fit, contact some 1 in game asap, go to our site and throw a quick app in.
<Avoid> 2/6HM 10/16 Normal is accepting applicants for a Resto Shaman. If you are interested contact an officer in game.

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