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Hi, I referred my boyfriend to the game back in August and were playing up until about a month ago as his game time had expired. He recently bought game time using his paypal account, but I have yet to be granted my free month. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Once the payment has been fully processed and Paypal sends the funds to Blizzard, your account should be granted the free month of game time. Paypal, unlike other methods of payment, tend to take quite a bit longer to process payments.
Assuming I am looking at the correct account. One that was created 8/23 and whose main is a Blood Elf Warrior?

It looks like the 30 days of game time has been earned. You should be able to see that on the Recruit a Friend History/Status page.

It looks like the 30 days your account earned activates 11/20 4:58 AM UTC. It is currently 5:19 UTC for reference. :)

What makes you believe that you haven't earned the time, Svalur?
Yes, that is correct. :) I check every now and then to see if the game time is earned but it still says frozen for me and that I haven't been able to redeem any rewards. About to check again!
Oh, it did get redeemed! I kept checking the RaF status page and the rewards are still not lit up. I see it on my main WoW page now. Thank you for the help!

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