Hunters never get cool looking gear

Look at the challenge mode set for the hunter.
Yeah I know it looks really bad compared to the Rouges..
All hunter gear has been trashy !@#$ sets that don't even look like what a hunter should even be wearing, honestly the firelands gear is alright but the helm looks retarded.
I believe Blizzard should honestly maybe change a couple of the gear and how it looks because it's ridiculous how other classes have amazing looking gear and us poor hunters look like %^-*
I don't know, man. This helm. This helm.
There's a lot of good mail gear in Wrath. I usually source my transmog sets from that expansion, either in whole or in part.

And to be honest, I hated the challenge mode gear when I first saw it... But as soon as I took a good look at it with the glow proc, I actually have begun to covet it quite a bit. What originally looked like a disturbing, dead, mounted wolf head looks a lot more .. alive than it first appeared.
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There's a lot of good mail gear in Wrath.

/agree I use wrath sets more than anything else haha
see: tier 11 or tier 12 heroic
BC sets all the way for Hunter gear.
Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 5 were awesome. (T5's helm could use some work) Everything else has been mediocre at best. Of course, I actually think ALL armor sets since vanilla have sucked. I mean, tier 2 was the hands down best for just about every class. Just look at the Wrath set. And tier 3, albeit it you NEVER see a full t3 set.
Whoa you hating on our Challenge mode? !@#$s legit, far superior than the rogue's.
I enjoy most of the hunter sets. The only one i really hated was T10
If Ontap had a twitter act, I'd follow.
The current tier's helm is pretty awesome. Better yet, the Crown of the Doomed Empress look alike lets your eyebrows peak through if you're a night elf. What is this sorcery, you might ask? Eyebrow hax? Eyebrow wax? Eyebrow hex!
I think our BC sets (and tier 3, alas) were pretty damn awesome, actually.

I tend to enjoy the older gear on a lot of classes though. Simpler, with more color.
I disagree, Ive liked MOST of the hunter sets. Some I dont prefer of course, but I still like them, I just like em more. I wish we had a set ( themed with this expansion ) that looked like the character Bishamon, from the Dark Stalkers Games...heres a pic.
So transmogrify.
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The only one i really hated was T10

t11. the lounge lizard hunter. gaaah.
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