<Rageborn> 1/16H, 16/16N LF Range DPS

<Rageborn> is currently looking for full-time range DPS. We are a 10M group, currently re-building the raid group, and we are in need of a range DPS as follow:

  • Hunter
  • Druid - Moonkin

  • Raid Time:
    Tues 9pm - 11:30pm EST
    Wed 9pm - 11:30pm EST
    Sun 9pm - 11:30pm EST

    Who do we need?
  • Exceptional range dps (hunter, moonkin)
  • Skill > Gear. We believe in 3 C's: capable, competent, and consistent. I totally just made that up.
  • If you have a good resume (good amount of past hard mode experience), we do not mind gearing you up. We are looking for a long-term raider
  • Must be committed, reliable, and mature. No immature kids welcomed. Preferably male, but female will be considered if you are butt-ugly and won't cause drama.

  • Where were we?
  • Rageborn was consistently top 7 on Stormrage server during Cataclysm expansion

  • Where are we now?
  • 1/6HM MSV, 6/6 HoF, 6/6 Terrace. We are currently behind where we want to be. But now that our core raid members is almost complete, we are catching up pretty fast.

  • If you are interested and think you are qualified, please contact:
    GM: Sandris/Mysilla/Nadyia/Sandrox
    Officer: Bigbaby
    Meddler: Ses/Anignam/Ces

    bamp a littul
    well done sir
    cause ces asked me
    I'd be interested. I'll contact you ingame.

    sounds good
    moonkins and stuff
    bump. clearing Terrace, and will start getting back to our heroic ritual next week. JOIN NAO
    Bump for moonkins ele shaman and hunters
    Bump for killing 5 new bosses in a week. Now we gotta make up for the lost time and catch up on heroics too!
    479 Resto/ele sham. I am looking for a place to join when I server transfer from my current server.
    I'll try to hit you up in game tonight!
    486 Spriest if interested. Downed 7/16 but have 12/16 exp.

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