Looking to join an Ongoing RBG group.

As the title states, I am tired of the random chaos of Random PVP these days. I really like the concept of RBG, and have not had a chance to do it since I returned last month. I am not really into Arena, because of the dynamics, but I really enjoy Organized Battle Grounds. Used to dominate the scene back in the day with CSF Premades, and I really want to get back into it.

Please whisper me in game if you have a team and have a dps slot open, either on Azraell, or Caladaster.
I've only been doing pvp on my spriest for about two weeks and I completely agree with you. Queueing up for a random BG is indeed random chaos at its best.

I've taken refuge with oQ and PAV at the Horde side http://wow.publicvent.org.

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