Looking for masterwork spirit blade

The one for mages. Willing to pay gold or a TCG pet.

Will have more to trade by Saturday or so when am back from vacation, but wanted to check prices. Thanks.

Made some good card trades, I think and thought I would try to trade one of the extras.
Or, can trade pets for gold and just buy blade.
Could you link the item? All I'm finding is the two handed axe.
I found this one but it has AGI: Masterwork Ghost-Forged Blade
My mistake. This expansion has healer, tank, dps melee and rogue weapons but not one for mages and warlocks.

I saw the others on the AH and jumped to conclusions.
Oh Oh time for an Office Space quote!

Tom Smykowski: It's a "Jump to Conclusions" mat! You see, you have this mat, with different CONCLUSIONS written on it that you could JUMP TO!

Michael Bolton: That's the worst idea I've ever heard in my life, Tom.

Samir: Yes, this is horrible, this idea.
As soon as 5.1 hits guess I will grind klaaxi to exaulted.

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