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So after getting all three of my 25s royally stomped by this guy 8 times in a row I've decided to suck it up and build up a new team of pets to take him on.

Now I'm thinking of going with:

Clockwork Gnome (mechanical)
Sinister Squashling (elemental)
Dancing Water Skimmer (aquatic)

Thoughts? Any other pets you'd recommend over the ones I listed?

I see SO much QQ about this guy...

Mecha Gnome vs bear
Shale Spider vs mechapeep
Celestial Dragon vs the elemental

Won for fun with no issues. Multiple times.
The team setup that worked for me:

1) lv25 Clockwork Gnome, Metal First + X + Build Turret
2) lv25 Phoenix Hatchling, Burn + Immolate + Conflagrate
3) Whatever pet I wanted

I am not sure if there are varying breeds of the first two pets. Both of mine had enough speed to get first attack every round on all of Major Payne's pets. I treated each of first two pets as dps races, going completely offensive. I would only engage him when he spawned his bear first.

For his bear, I used the gnome. I kept using "Build Turret" when I could and spammed "Metal Fist" in between. Once the bear was dead, I did as much damage as I could to his metal chicken till it killed my gnome. I then switched in my Phoenix Hatchling. Start off with Immolate into Conflagrate while spamming burn to finish it off. The mechanical chicken falls over so easily. His last pet is a joke. If I was not intentionally funneling full XP into my third pet, I would just finish it off with my Phoenix Hatchling.

Once I was able to kill this trainer, it was cruise control to "Taming Azeroth" achievement.

Good Luck!
Really? Why do people QQ. 40 losses and counting. Using all the things people say.

Can kill the bear fine, but then I lose during the 2nd round. His chicken destroys my water waveling. He is supposed to have reduced attacks against me, but still hits me for 400-1600 per shot. Yes he one shotted me for 1600 one fight. And stuns seem to be higher than 25% for Payne, maybe I'm just that unlucky, but I'm at the point now where I am sick of trying. I know this isn't what Blizz wants, but even with a preferred team against him, I have no shot.

Tranquil Mechanical Yeti handles the bear.
Water Waveling is strong against the chicken, and the chicken is weak against me, but still destroys me. Yellow-bellied bullfrog is my 3rd for the flower, but usually gets destroyed too. Very frustrating.
He seems like a real pain.
Yeah, despite the fact I use the pets that is most affective against him, I still end up getting wiped on the floor by him. Not to mention that my attacks always decide to miss or get dodged by his pets. So I pretty much gave up on him. I'm not really into tamer pet battles. I only like collecting companions pets.
Cut and Paste from something I wrote on guild forums.

My pets of choice for him were Clockwork gnome, Water waveling (can be found in Zul Drak) and the water strider aquatic pet from the Vale.

When you start the fight make sure you get the bear first. If another pet comes out abandon the battle till you get the bear. Put down a turret first. Second round make sure you heal yourself. When you are finished healing either put down a new turret if it is available or use attack #1 (I forget what its called) The turrets will slow the bears healing down.
On this trainer I tend to kill the bear then heal my gnome up again and use him to get the mechanopeeps health down before I send in my water waveling. With the water waveling use #3 Geyser as your first ability. Chances are the mechanopeep will kill your waveling but the Geyser will kill the mechanopeep in the same round that your waveling dies.
Once you have these two down the last pet is rather easy to kill. This was probably the hardest fight to win. Although higher level tamers have epic pets thier abilities are not as hard to combat as the damned bears!!!
I used Onyxia Whelpling with tail swipe vs bear. This usually allows me to get a lift off .. off on the mech, but even if I don't I can beat him.

water elemental on mech using gyser, then frost nova, then ice lance spam. he almost always dies before I do. If he doesn't :

Mirror Strider cleans things up with pump, water jet, and heal if necessary.

Of course he never drops any stones, but then none of them do anymore ...
was this guy buffed in the days following release? I didn't have much of a problem with him.
My team for Major Payne.

Personal World Destroyer VS Bear. Super-Charge+Metal Fist will destroy it in one hit.
Pandaren Earth Spirit VS Mechano-chick. Rupture will make short work of it.
Onyxian Whelp VS the flower. The flowers the weakest of his team. A water-type would be best here, but I just use my Ony Whelp. Because he's my iron-man.

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