A Story About Good, Evil, And Stupid.

My wife (on Bloodhoof) has been trying to get her Pilgrim's Bounty title. She was on her last achievement which was the one where she had to "turkey" various races of rogues.

Since Garona and Bloodhoof are linked, she headed up to the courtyard at Undercity and I rolled as many rogues as I could, and she shot me.

The most difficult rogue to find -- naturally -- was the goblin. All the forum posts say you can't summon a goblin until the goblin character has finished all the quests. I didn't have the time, or the patience to do that, so we searched for a friendly goblin... and we found one.

Garona, you have good people.

He came to Undercity to save us some very dangerous commuting, came to her "hiding spot" (which wasn't very hidden, just "out of the way") and she got her achievement. No gold changed hands. I'll say it again...

Garona, you have good people.

After several hours of canvassing rogues and witnessing how the inhabitants of the courtyard completely ignored my wife's 86 priest as she stood at the edge of the courtyard, I wanted to pay it forward. I was thankful for the helpfulness of the Horde and from the traffic coming and going from the Pilgrim's Bounty tables, I knew that Hordies on our realms were also working on the same achievement my wife was.

I announced (from my troll alt "Turkeylips") that I was bringing my dwarf rogue up to the Undercity and was going to park him UNARMED and VIRTUALLY NAKED in the middle of the courtyard as a token of thanks for the goodwill that had been extended to us.

I died about seven times in fifteen minutes. I was provoked to self-defense by VERY low level toons. And when I came and PUNCHED the moron (again in self-defense) I was plowed into the ground.

i went BACK to Turkeylips and confronted the toon that was griefing my rogue. The only words he seemed to know was "duel" and "group" and used them randomly in three word sentences.

I tried to be helpful Garona (and it's other linked servers). I tried to repay your kindness. But your noobs wouldn't let me.

Thank you for your help in our Pilgrim's Bounty achievement.

Gweedo @ Bloodhoof
Alastrine The Pilgrim @ Bloodhoof
It had all the makings of a cool story bro
11/22/2012 02:53 PMPosted by Gweedo
Garona, you have good people.

You lost me right here.
Garona has horde?
When blizzard made BC ppl complained about the lag caused by 2 factions sharing Shattrath.
When blizzard made WotLK ppl complained about the lag cause by 2 factions sharing Dalaran.
When blizzard made cataclysm ppl complained about where the !@#$ are all the opposite
faction rogues during the pilgrim's bounty holiday, but at least you don't have capital city
lag anymore.

Having said all that isnt that achievement shared now? Couldn't you have made a horde
toon to get the horde rogues?

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