Want free xfer-post here if you feel my pain

well.. 7 days left - better enjoy the limited gameplay I get while I can. Getting excited for Guild wars II - should be fun
Suck it up.
No.. I wont suck it up, so thanks for the support Snoop - really loving your "tough guy" attitude... I'm only trying to improve our game experience by raising awareness should bliz look in here how much KT horde sucks so maybe they can do something about it...

To the non-jerk commentators out there - thanks for your support, keep up the awareness & maybe one day KT could be what it was back in the day. This will only gain tractions if the 30 of us that are on KT let bliz know!

Just remember... 40 people were needed to raid back in the day.... we have less than 40 (32 online right now) 90's on at any given time, we all pay good $ to play this game and shouldnt have to "suck it up" or pay to xfer cuz bliz doesnt care to make our game play more enjoyable...
and its a frickin Saturday night!
Suck it up, crybaby. I willingly faction changed to horde, and I'm already having more fun than Alliance and I'm not even 90. You're a lock- one of the most OP classes ATM, go get some gear, l2p and go gank some nerdz. Quit whining. #realtalk
We'll trade some of your alliance for some of our horde.

-MG Alliance
I dont get you Snoop... you xfering onto horde here willingly means that you probably dont get along with anyone else and would rather play this game solo then have others to play with.

Go back to Skyrim

I actually enjoy being on a server where there is other people to play with besides close friends - as (perhaps unlike you) I enjoy playing this game with others & completing end game content with people from the same server. You may not know what that is like - see you only got 5 level 90's in your guild, need at least 10 to raid...

Maybe Soloing the world is your thing but its not mine - hence my accounts done in 6 days. So I'm not crying about it - I am moving on which is what a wise consumer does when he/she is unsatisfied
12/08/2012 11:31 PMPosted by Snoop
Suck it up, crybaby. I willingly faction changed to horde, and I'm already having more fun than Alliance and I'm not even 90. You're a lock- one of the most OP classes ATM, go get some gear, l2p and go gank some nerdz. Quit whining. #realtalk

damn ur edgy
Battlegrounds, dungeon matchmaking, CRZ- I'm far from alone. You're obviously just awful at the game and therefor isn't any fun for you. Seems like all you do is cry: Zero PvE content cleared, 2k honorable kills, 2k achievement points, 262 Ilvl full of ungemmed & unenchanted gear, professions nowhere near maxed, hell you don't even have any pokemonz. I'd quit the game too if I were you, you obviously have no clue how to play.
Ill stop feeding the troll - you win snoop, trolled me out

Your right I suck at this game, but you know what - I used to have fun playing WoW as I did on the balance KT server.... So what do my achievements have to do with anything? Ill spend my time getting achievements in Real Life before I care about getting achievements in a game. Im here to have fun - not be the best
I don't understand why so many people blame blizzard for the poor population ratio. If anything, they should be mad at the people who packed their bags and caught the midnight train to somewhere-elseville. Nobody told them to leave. Things change, people change. Most either stopped playing, transferred off or faction changed when the ratio got too exaggerated. Does it suck? Yes, it does. Do I feel your pain? Yes, I do. However, all you are doing is QQing like a spoiled, entitled brat. Threatening to unsub because "WAHHH, I DON'T GET WHAT I WANT RIGHT AWAY" is the worst way to address a problem in any game. If that's the attitude you have, then good riddance. This game needs less people like you anyway.

I played on Boulderfist for 4 years. At the start of WotlK, it was excellent. There was a high population of both Alliance and Horde players. Some of my fondest memories ocurred on that server during that expansion (and i've been playing since vanilla). These days, the Horde population is pretty sad and the alliance population even sadder. So what do you do when you log in after a 2 year absence (i'll pretend for a minute that Cataclysm never happened) and your server is nearly extinct? Ultimately, I made the decision to cough up the money for a transfer. I wasn't happy about it, but whatever. Small price to pay considering all the money i've given blizzard over the years.

I even leveled this character from scratch 3 months ago. All of my original 80s are still over on Boulderfist, but it's a moot issue. Most of the things I was worried about losing have been consolidated to account wide mounts, titles, pets and achievements so who cares if I have to start fresh? Gives me a chance to enjoy some questing and dust off my knowledge of the class while retaining everything I earned in the past. Bigger picture.

Lastly, There are plenty of resources available online (including this site) to help players determine the appropriate server to level a character on if they're new to the game. All one has to do is look.
Well.. unfortunately I dont play this game enough to justify the costs of an xfer... gotta understand my player score is only 2265 (like snoop mentioned) & this is my only 90, time is a limited valuable thing to me & my friends (who have all unsubscribed by the way). Its cool you got time to level characters to 90 + you must be one bad a$$ (Thinking of that southpark dude) Gotta remember, IF I have time to play on a given day I usually play for 2 hours & probably 4 times a week max, how about you do a /played for me on your new level 90 & state hours played, curious

Do I expect bliz to do something? - no
Do I think its expected of me to have to pay beyond the $15/month fee to enjoy the game? - no
Do I expect there to be Alliance trolling my comments - You betcha!
Do I think bliz may have just lost $540 - Yes
Do I think bliz takes customer feedback seriously - Yes, game wouldnt be where its at without "whiners"

You made the decision to xfer - good for your, what you want a gold star or something? I'm making the decision to stop playing & keep my HARD EARNED $$$$$$ which brings me to my next point - what can $30 buy:
$30 can buy:
- 2 Chinese buffets
- My internet for the month
- $30 principal + $20 off my mortage interest
- vegetables & fruit for two weeks
- 6 foot long subs from subway
- 3 beers & 20 wings at the pub
- Half of guildwars 2 where there is NO subscription cost

WoW was fun - but I have family & friends & work to commit to as well, if bliz doesnt care thats fine - truth is KT horde is horrible & I'm not going to pay to continue to play on it or for that matter go above & beyond to pay to xfer my character

I dont feel entitled to anything - I'm just trying to be heard by bliz & speak for the other 30 people on horde KT... soon KT horde could be extinct & for some odd reason I dont think WoW was designed for this kind of imbalance

I just want to re-iterate something back to you - IT IS BLIZZARDS FAULT, they developed the game to be socially interactive - if people fail to interact with each other over time thanks to free xfers that de-populated factions on a realm then its 100% blizzards fault - there never even used to be server xfers.... In my mind you should get a free one every 6 months to avoid this from happening... but bliz loves their $ and I dont blame em, makes for good buisness

They got your $ bucko
You seem more interested in letting everyone know you intend on quitting rather than actually doing it. I hated Cataclysm 3 months into it so I cancelled my sub and never looked back. I didn't go and complain about it on the forums and wave my hands in the air. I just left. You should too. At the end of the day, nobody really gives a crap except blizzard. This is the wrong place to voice your concerns anyway.
My account is done on the 15th - Bliz told us to voice our concerns here, so this is where I am voicing them. It is possible to quit WoW you know - was gone for 1.5 years before, I can be gone again (which I will be). I am fortunately not as addicted to this game as some (who will probably deny they are) & know what else is out there - others may simply have tunnel vision & dont seen alternatives to the game they have invested months to years of /played time into...

my /played on this character is 63 days - thats more than two months of my life invested on this character, 1 day of it has been @ 90, majority was probably @ level 60 (split between KT & malorne & KT again) & 70 & a bit at 80. Seeing how this my only level 90 (Probably could add 7 days for every other character I have tried) but this is the main.

Whats your total wow played time?
KT Horde is fun. Never ending supply of derps to gank. L2P your class and go enjoy the world.


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