Grats SU


Grats on kill :)
Cheers, appreciate it.

Edit: grats
get some kills in terrace and make this server proud :D
can i join in too?

250 ms pls
What dropped off Sha?


Who the sh1t makes a boss fight 1/2 hr long these days!
Grats guys!
Big huge massive congrats, really stronk work.
Took you long enough sheesh
Thanks everyone :) Hardest part of the fight was not falling asleep during phase one, hope blizz never makes a fight this long again.
Thanks, such a fun fight...
12/17/2012 05:01 AMPosted by Barabbus
Thanks, such a fun fight...

Uploading vid tonight, all 25 mins of it!
no fear.
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<3 Brighty, Rabie and Stushy!
Congrats Kolzi and SU guys. Well done.

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