1900 Warrior LF Arena 3s.

1900 exp this season in 2s. Yes it was faceroll at the start, yes I was bad. I have been putting in a lot of time to learn and improve.

LF partners that share the same dedication and are willing to put in the time and work to get to high ratings. That means playing matches everyday.

Right now the comps I would like to try are WLS, TSG, and TurboCleave, but I am open to just about anything.

I also have a resto druid alt that has his T1 weapon.

Battletag: Kristian13#1512
Reroll H Pally Rev.
i can spam mend pet to pretend that i'm healing does that count?
NO! lol
Whose *!@%*%** do I have to suck to find two other players that want to get high rating this season? Seriously. !@#$.
hows about you shut the !@#$ up for a change
kidding. i'm kidding.

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