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Counting down the days until it comes out. I already have Christmas presents ordered from The Noble Collection like Gandalf's pipe, Sting and others. Who else is ready for this?
been ready since i read the book 22 years ago in high school. even more ready since they showed the very tiny teaser after the lotr movies came out what 6-8 years ago?
I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!! the hobbit is my favorite book ever, and i've been "patiently' waiting to watch, but we won't be able to see the ending untill early 2014 :(
Not really interested in seeing Jackson butcher yet another classic.
I'm looking forward to it, but I'm not going into it expecting anything extraordinary. The reviews that are out right now pretty much confirmed the doubts I had about the Hobbit and its eventual 2 sequels. It's bloated with extra fluff to stretch it out over three movies, with lots of pacing problems. Visually, It's gonna be stunning, but I hope it doesn't drag too much.
TV spot #9 had some nice new material.

12/05/2012 03:56 AMPosted by Taggert
Not really interested in seeing Jackson butcher yet another classic.

I'm STILL peeved over Denethor and Faramir in Return of the King. Both were fantastic characters that got replaced in the movie by completely different characters who happened to share the same name. >_>

Oh well, us book nerds should get a few bonuses for experiencing the story on hardmode I guess... :3
I keep thinking about the interesting animated version, and am wondering if those 'songs' will be in it (new movie). That would rule!
Either way, if it's anything like the LoTR trilogy, I'm sooo going to love it!!!

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