[H]3/13H 2 Day Weekend LF Warlock, Hunter

Guild Recruitment
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<INNER FIRE> (Server: Illidan) is a 10m weekend Raiding guild that runs Friday and Saturday nights from 7pm(cst)-11pm(cst). We're looking for more like minded people that want to raid only 2 nights a week on the weekends due to limited time restraints during the week because of work, school, or the like. We're serious about only recruiting people that fall into this category and try to make the most out of the limited raiding time we have available to us. The majority of us are an older group of raiders that have been playing WoW since Vanilla. We expect new recruits to also have played this game for a considerable amount of time.

Current Recruitment Needs-

Highly Skilled Tank:

- Warrior - Low
- Death Knight - Low
- Paladin - Low
- Druid - Low
- Monk - Low

Exceptional Melee Dps:

- Warrior - Low
- Death Knight - Low
- Rogue - Low
- Monk - Low

Exceptional Ranged Dps:

- Shaman - Low
- Priest - Low
- Mage - Low
- Hunter - High
- Warlock - High

Amazing Heals:

- Shaman - Low
- Druid - Low
- Monk - Low
- Priest - Low
- Paladin - Low

-ABOVE ALL ELSE: We expect raiders to have a love for World of Warcraft and a passion for the characters they play, including their alts.

-We expect at minimum that a player know their class inside and out and can play it at a level of top parsers. Under no circumstances will a player be baby sat on how to play their class.

-Each Raider is expected to show up with a wealth of knowledge pertaining to the fights for the night. Showing up to a raid without studying and being prepared for an encounter will be an immediate removal. Running only 2 nights a week we do not have time to learn our fights during our scheduled raid hours. Learn them before hand, execute during raid time.

-Our intentions are to be a Long Term guild for a group of raiders that have limited time restraints and are unable to raid a full hardcore raiding guild schedule. I know how daunting and frustrating it can be to find an experienced weekend raiding guild that can progress at a consistent pace. May this guild end your search!

-Like most guilds Drama will not be tolerated. Attitude is everything. A positive attitude towards progression raiding is a must and anything less will not suffice. We seek to maintain a relaxed atmosphere during our raid times to keep the spirits high and the progression moving.

Contact Information:

- Contact via Battletag - Killamor#1176 - Ingame - Charlii, Brunk, Svecenik
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