MoP 5.4 Enhance Guide: Kill Garrosh For Me

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i have a fire crown
01/29/2013 10:49 AMPosted by Chillbros
I only wish it would be sticked so I can just yell at people asking enhance questions to read it

Then you'll become a jerk like me.

It's a slippery slope.

One minute you're all like. YAY! I'M the official author! And everyone is like DUDE YOU'RE SO COOL. And then someone is like HELP ME, and you're all like I CAN DO THAT. HERE'S HOW. And then 5 months later you're flipping tables, stabbing kittens, and telling people to learn to read instead of being spoon-fed.
it's okay, purge will still get all the whispers
Sorry for the noob question but, what exactly is the opening rotation (including CDs)?

I understand the main priority list and everything during the fight, I'm just not sure what the optimal way to start the fight is.

Just follow the priority still. Drop FE at the start, and hit Ascendance/Stormlash/Wolves ASAP so they get benefit from your prepots/trinket procs.
Thank you!
plz be stickied
would love for this to be sticked before 5.2 :|
Mah Lord, still no sticky =( /bump

Also, had a quick question if a guru had a moment to answer - How well does enhance scale with more gear? I have a couple of toons, and I'm deciding which one I'd like to main in the long run. Enhance is fun, but I've heard they're weapon dependent like hunters, which are known to peter out by the end of tiers.
Wouldn't make much sense for us to be weapon dependent when such a large chunk of our damage doesn't even scale off weapon damage. I don't even know if Hunters problems come from weapon damage scaling, the most weapon-dependent spec I know is Windwalkers.

Our scaling is actually very good, I don't know how it is compared to other classes, but I haven't had a problem keeping up throughout the entire tier.
02/10/2013 03:54 AMPosted by Spectie

Just in time for the 5.2 rough draft!
johnny on the spot witit
It was me, you're welcome.

I was like request sticky before I passed out and BAM. Now it's stickied.

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